BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/customers

HTTP Request


 curl -X POST \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/customers?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN_ENV' \ 
  -d '{
        "email": "bruno@gmail.com",
        "first_name": "Bruce",
        "last_name": "Wayne",
        "phone": {
            "area_code": "023",
            "number": "12345678"
        "identification": {
            "type": "DNI",
            "number": "12345678"
        "address": {
            "zip_code": "SG1 2AX",
            "street_name": "Old Knebworth Ln"
        "description": "Lorem Ipsum"

Request Params

first_name String (a-zA-Z) Nome do cliente.
last_name String (a-zA-Z) Sobrenome do cliente.
phone Object Telefone do cliente.
area_code String Código de área.
number String Número de telefone.
identification Object Informações sobre a identificação do cliente.
type String Tipo de identificação.
number String Número de identificação.
default_address String Endereço por defeito do cliente.
address Object Informação sobre o endereço padrão do cliente.
id String Identificador do endereço do cliente.
zip_code String Código postal.
street_name String Rua.
street_number String O Número.
date_registered Date(ISO_8601) Data de registo do cliente.
description String Descrição do cliente.
metadata Object Metadata do cliente.
default_card String Cartão padrão do cliente.

HTTP Response


    "id": "000000001-sT93QZFAsfxU9P5",
    "email": "bruno@gmail.com",
    "first_name": "Bruce",
    "last_name": "Wayne",
    "phone": {
        "area_code": "023",
        "number": "12345678"
    "identification": {
        "type": "DNI",
        "number": "12345678"
    "address": {
        "id": null,
        "zip_code": "SG1 2AX",
        "street_name": "Old Knebworth Ln",
        "street_number": null
    "date_registered": null,
    "description": "Lorem Ipsum",
    "date_created": "2018-02-20T11:36:23.541-04:00",
    "date_last_updated": null,
    "metadata": {},
    "default_card": null,
    "default_address": null,
    "cards": [],
    "addresses": [],
    "live_mode": false

Error Codes

100 the credentials are required.
101 the customer already exist.
102 missing customer id.
103 parameter must be an object
104 parameter length is too large.
105 the customer id is invalid.
106 the email format is invalid.
107 the first_name is invalid.
108 the last_name is invalid.
109 the phone.area_code is invalid.
110 the phone.number is invalid.
111 the identification.type is invalid.
112 the identification.number is invalid.
113 the address.zip_code is invalid.
114 the address.street_name is invalid.
115 the date_registered format is invalid.
116 the description is invalid.
117 the metadata is invalid.
118 the body must be a Json Object.
119 the card is required.
120 card not found.
121 the card is invalid.
122 the card data is invalid.
123 the payment_method_id is required.
124 the issuer_id is required.
125 invalid parameters.
126 invalid parameter. You cannot update the email.
127 invalid parameter. Cannot resolve the payment method of card, check the payment_method_id and issuer_id.
128 the email format is invalid. Use 'test_payer_[0-9]{1,10}@testuser.com'.
129 the customer has reached the maximum allowed number of cards.
140 invalid card owner.
150 invalid users involved.
200 invalid range format (range=:date_parameter:after::date_from,before::date_to).
201 range attribute must belong to date entity.
202 invalid 'after' parameter. It should be date[iso_8601].
203 invalid 'before' parameter. It should be date[iso_8601].
204 invalid filters format.
205 invalid query format.
206 attributes to sort must belong to 'customer' entity.
207 order filter must be 'asc' or 'desc'.
208 invalid 'sort' parameter format.
unauthorized unauthorized.
not_found not_found.

La búsqueda no arrojó ningún resultado.

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