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Your certifications

This area displays the certificates of completion and the badges obtained after passing the certification exam chosen in the <dev>program, the benefits program for developers at Mercado Pago.

The certificates can be downloaded to your computer's local files, in addition to having different colors for each certification and an authentication QR Code. The file can also be shared on social networks and there will be the possibility of creating a public sharing link.

The badges act as a way to identify developers who have already completed our official certification process and, like the certificates, have different colors for each type of certification. They can also be downloaded to your computer's local files and added to a professional profile through HTML, for example.

Check the <dev>program page for more information.

Integrator ID

Unique number that identifies you as a member of the <dev>program automatically generated after your first successful certification. It is located next to your Mercado Pago ID (user ID) and only appears after it has been generated.

The <dev>program is a program by Mercado Pago that recognizes those who integrate our checkout solutions. Simply take the test for one of our certifications, which is 100% free and online, and if approved, you gain access to exclusive advantages.

Check out the <dev>program page and choose which product you want to earn your certification for. Then, use your integrator ID and enter it into your integrations to receive extra benefits.

In Your certifications, click on Learn more to obtain detailed information about the certification process for each product.

Please note that in order to obtain the Integrator ID, you must complete at least one certification test.

Please be aware that the process of using the Integrator ID in integration may vary depending on the product you are seeking certification for. Please refer to the following product documentation to learn how to include the Integrator ID in your integrations: