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Integration configuration

To integrate with Mercado Pago, follow the procedures below.

  1. On your Yampi store's Dashboard, access the Checkout menu and click on Pagamento.
  2. On the payment gateway management screen, click on the + Nova afiliação button and select the Mercado Pago gateway.
  3. Then, indicate the payment method name that will appear to the buyer, for example, "Mercado Pago - Pix".
  4. Enter the text that will identify the payment on the card statement. This field cannot contain spaces or special characters.
  5. Select Sim to indicate that transactions will be automatically authorized and captured or Não for transactions to be automatically authorized and captured later within 5 days.
  6. On the same page, you will find the Public key and Access token fields, which must be filled in with the credentials of production indicated in your Application details of Mercado Pago. If your account is new and the credentials have not been activated previously, Mercado Pago will ask you to create a new application.
  7. Click Salvar to confirm the integration information. To change the information entered, on the payment gateway management screen, click on Editar next to the Mercado Pago gateway.
  8. Once the integration settings have been made, select the payment methods that will be available for use with Mercado Pago. You will be able to select all the ones you want and then edit them or configure them manually after the plugin settings. For more information, see the Payment configuration section.

Once the business settings are done, configure your store's payment experience with Mercado Pago's Checkout Transparente.