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February of 2024

  • Deep Link in the process of being discontinued at Mercado Pago Point
  • Integration via Deep Link is in the process of being discontinued in Mercado Pago Point. From this, references to the product were removed from Point documentation.


    Mercado Pago Point

  • Bricks incompatibility with WebView flow (Android and iOS)
  • In the prerequisites for integrating with Checkout Bricks, we now indicate that Bricks do not have official support when used in WebView flows on Android and iOS platforms.


    Checkout Bricks

  • Improvement in 3DS integration with Checkout API
  • We added a new snippet to the 3DS integration with Checkout API for a better display of the 3DS Challenge in a responsive way.


    Checkout API

  • New features in applications
  • We made some changes to the documentation for Application details and OAuth to indicate the new security features that have been added to applications, namely: enabling the PKCE (Proof Key for Code Exchange) security protocol, selection of access flows, and the possibility to have multiple redirect URLs.