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Integration configuration

Once the Mercado Pago with WooCommerce plugin is installed, it is necessary to configure it. For that, follow these steps:

If you have questions regarding installing the plugin, check out more information in the Prerequisites section.
  1. Go to your Wordpress account.
  2. Access your account Dashboard and click Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  3. In the plugin search engine, search for “Mercado Pago payments for WooCommerce”.
  4. Click Configure Plugin.

Next, we will explain how to configure each item of the plugin. Click on the titles to display the options to complete.

Integrate store to Mercado Pago

Test and production credentials are requested in this field.

  1. Click on the Check credentials button to enter the Mercado Pago panel and see your credentials. You can also access your credentials at Dashboard. Important: Please note that test credentials will be requested first and then production credentials.
  2. Complete the requested fields and click Save and continue.

Business personalization

In the section Information about your store you can offer store data to offer a more complete experience and with more information to customers

  • Store Name: Enter the name of your store.
  • Store Category: Enter the category of your store's products.
  • Store ID: Use a number or prefix to identify orders and payments from your store.
  • Integrator ID: enter your integrator_id as a member of the <dev>program of Mercado Pago. If you are not yet a member, click here for more information.

Click Save and Continue.

Under Advanced Settings, configure options related to saving information to a file for debugging technical issues.