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Data entry errors


205parameter cardNumber can not be null/emptyEnter card number.
208parameter expirationMonth can not be null/emptySelect month.
209parameter expirationYear can not be null/emptySelect year.
212parameter docType can not be null/emptyEnter your ID type.
213The parameter cardholder.document.subtype can not be null or emptyEnter your ID.
214parameter docNumber can not be null/emptyEnter your ID.
220parameter cardIssuerId can not be null/emptyEnter your bank.
221parameter cardholderName can not be null/emptyEnter name and surname.
224parameter securityCode can not be null/emptyEnter security code.
E203invalid parameter securityCodeCheck security code.
E301invalid parameter cardNumberEnter a valid card number.
316invalid parameter cardholderNameEnter a valid name.
322invalid parameter docTypeInvalid ID type.
323invalid parameter cardholder.document.subtypeCheck your ID.
324invalid parameter docNumberInvalid ID.
325invalid parameter expirationMonthInvalid month.
326invalid parameter expirationYearInvalid year.
defaultAnother error codeCheck data.