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Checkout Transparente

With Checkout Transparente, the entire purchase process will take place within the online store environment, without the need for redirection to an external page.

In addition to allowing greater control in the customization and integration process, Checkout Transparente offers a complete structure for processing payments with the main methods available in the market.

In order to start receiving payments with Mercado Pago, after creating a MercadoPagoV2 gateway affiliation, you will need to configure the payment methods you wish to offer.

The MercadoPagoV1 gateway affiliation will be discontinued. If you already have a MercadoPagoV1 gateway affiliation, you'll need to migrate to MercadoPagoV2 so you can keep operating with Mercado Pago and benefit from the advantages that this new conector offers.

See below the available payment methods for the store when integrating Checkout Transparente. Keep in mind that you will need to configure them one by one, individually.

Payment MethodDescription
CardsAllows integration with credit and debit cards.
Installments via Pix up to 12xWith this credit line managed by Mercado Pago, the customer has the option to finance their purchase without the need for a card, while the seller receives the full transaction amount in their account.
Pix24/7 bank transfer available. The option to pay with Pix will only be displayed if there is a Pix Key registered in Mercado Pago. If you haven't created one yet, click here and see the step by step.
Offline methodsYou can offer offline payment methods, such as boleto bancário.