BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/merchant_orders/search

HTTP Request


 curl -X GET \
 'https://api.mercadopago.com/merchant_orders?status=&preference_id=&application_id=&payer_id=&sponsor_id=&external_reference=&site_id=&marketplace=&date_created_from=&date_created_to=&last_updated_from=&last_updated_to=&items=&limit=&offset=&order_status=' \
 -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN_ENV'

Request Params

preference_id String(UUID) Payment preference identifier associated to the merchant order.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Order's creation date.
last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Order's last update date.
application_id String application identifier.
status String Show the current merchant order state.
opened Order without payments.
closed Order with payments covering total amount.
expired Canceled order (canceled: true) that does not have approved or pending payments (all rejected or returned).
site_id String Country identifier that merchant order belongs to.
payer Object Buyer Information.
id Integer Buyer id.
email String(256) Deprecated field, will return an empty string.
nickname String(256) Buyer nickname.
sponsor_id Integer Sponsor ID in Mercado Pago.
items Array(Object) items information.
id String Item id.
put Required in PUT
category_id String Item category.
currency_id String(3) ID of the currency used in the item price.
ARS Argentine peso.
BRL Brasil real.
CLP Chilean peso.
MXN Mexican peso.
COP Colombian peso.
PEN Peruvian sol.
UYU Uruguayan peso.
description String Item description.
picture_url String Item picture URL.
quantity Integer Item quantity.
put This is the only field of item that can be modified in put
unit_price Float Item unit price.
title String Item title.
external_reference String(256) Reference you can synchronize with your payment system.
marketplace String(256) Origin of the payment. Default value: 'NONE'
order_status String Current merchant order status given the payments status.
payment_required Order without payments or with all payments "rejected" or "cancelled".
reverted Order with all payments "refunded" or "chargeback".
paid Order with the sum of all payments "approved", "chargeback" or "in_mediation" covers the order total amount.
partially_reverted Order with at least one payment "refunded" or "chargeback".
partially_paid Order with at least one payment "approved" and not covering order total amount.
payment_in_process Order with payments "in_process", "pending" or "authorized".
undefined Order created before the existence of the order_status status.
expired Canceled order (canceled: true) that does not have approved or pending payments (all rejected or returned).

HTTP Response


  "elements": [
      "id": 9999999999,
      "status": "closed",
      "external_reference": "default",
      "preference_id": "Preference identification",
      "payments": [
          "id": 9999999999,
          "transaction_amount": 1,
          "total_paid_amount": 1,
          "shipping_cost": 0,
          "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
          "status": "approved",
          "status_detail": "accredited",
          "operation_type": "regular_payment",
          "date_approved": "2019-04-02T14:35:35.000-04:00",
          "date_created": "2019-04-02T14:35:34.000-04:00",
          "last_modified": "2019-04-02T14:35:35.000-04:00",
          "amount_refunded": 0
      "shipments": [
          "id": 99999999999,
          "shipment_type": "shipping",
          "shipping_mode": "me2",
          "picking_type": null,
          "status": "delivered",
          "substatus": null,
          "items": [
              "id": "not specified",
              "description": "shipment item description",
              "quantity": 1,
              "dimensions": "1.0x10.0x23.0,100.0",
              "dimensions_source": null
          "date_created": "2019-04-02T14:20:46.000-04:00",
          "last_modified": "2019-04-12T15:36:48.000-04:00",
          "date_first_printed": "2019-04-02T14:35:40.000-04:00",
          "service_id": 999,
          "sender_id": 999999999,
          "receiver_id": 999999999,
          "receiver_address": {
            "id": 9999999999,
            "address_line": "address line",
            "city": {
              "id": null,
              "name": "City Name"
            "state": {
              "id": "AR-X",
              "name": "state name"
            "country": {
              "id": "AR",
              "name": "Argentina"
            "latitude": "0.000000",
            "longitude": "0.000000",
            "comment": "shipment comment",
            "contact": "shipment contact",
            "phone": "9999999999",
            "zip_code": "9999",
            "street_name": "Street name",
            "street_number": "999",
            "floor": null,
            "apartment": null
          "shipping_option": {
            "id": 999999999,
            "cost": 0,
            "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
            "shipping_method_id": 99999,
            "estimated_delivery": {
              "date": "2019-04-11T00:00:00.000-03:00",
              "time_from": null,
              "time_to": null
            "name": "Normal a domicilio",
            "list_cost": 0,
            "speed": {
              "handling": 72,
              "shipping": 72
      "collector": {
        "id": 999999999,
        "nickname": null
      "marketplace": "NONE",
      "notification_url": null,
      "date_created": "2018-09-14T13:11:31.000-04:00",
      "last_updated": "2018-09-14T13:11:43.000-04:00",
      "sponsor_id": null,
      "shipping_cost": 0,
      "total_amount": 5,
      "site_id": "MLA",
      "paid_amount": 5,
      "refunded_amount": 0,
      "payer": {
        "id": 999999999,
        "email": ""
      "items": [
          "id": "item id",
          "category_id": "item category",
          "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
          "description": "item description",
          "picture_url": "item picture url",
          "title": "item title",
          "quantity": 1,
          "unit_price": 5
      "cancelled": false,
      "additional_info": "additional information",
      "application_id": 9999999999999999,
      "order_status": "paid"
  "next_offset": 1,
  "total": 1

Error Codes

ds_search_query invalid query.
invalid_token invalid_token.
invalid_caller_id invalid caller_id

Your search returns no results.

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