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Checkout Transparente

With the Checkout Transparente, the entire checkout process will take place within the online store environment, without the need to redirect to an external page. In addition to allowing greater control in the customization and integration process, the checkout offers a complete structure for processing payments with the main means available on the market.

To integrate Checkout Transparente you must have Checkout Pro ("Checkout Mercado Pago") in your Shopify store. To learn how to integrate it, go to the documentation.

To install Checkout Transparente in a Shopify store, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Shopify store.
  2. Access the installation site of Mercado Pago’s Checkout Transparent clicking here.
  3. Click on the Add app button. You will be redirected to an authorization screen, where the permissions you grant to Checkout Transparent's application will be displayed. To continue, click on Install app.
  4. On the next screen, put your production credentials (public key and access token) in the fields that request it. Go to Dashboard to get the credentials of your application and, if you have not created an application yet, check this documentation to learn how to create it.
  5. In the field How do you want to operate?, select the option "I want to test my store" to perform test transactions and ensure the smooth operation of the checkout.
  6. Then, you can configure installments and interests in case you want the store to offer this. To configure it, click on Edit.
  7. In the section What payment methods do you want to offer?, select the type of payment methods that the store will offer through Checkout Transparent. You can choose Mercado Pago, credit cards, boleto, or Pix.
  8. Click on Save changes to complete the installation.
In case of renewing your credentials, remember to replace both the production and test credentials in your integration.

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After installed, the Transparent Checkout can take up to 10 minutes to appear linked in the Shopify store due to the storage in the cache. If you need help to install Transparent Checkout, contact Support.