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Generation QR by the Mercado Pago panel

How to charge with QR

In order to receive payments with QR, you can print it and paste it in a visible place or display it on your phone.

If you charge with a printed QR, you can enter the final amount in your computer or simply ask your client to type it themselves after scanning the code.

How to enter an amount?

  1. Access the QR Code section from your Mercado Pago account.
  2. Select the store and cash register you want to operate from.
  3. Type order amount.
  4. Ask your client to scan the QR code from Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago apps. Your client will have to choose a payment method.

You’ll be able to see a confirmation of payment instantly, as well as activity details in your Mercado Pago account.

How to charge from the app?

This is possible too! Go to Cobrar, enter the amount in the calculator and select Cobrar con QR. Your customers will need to scan the code that appears on your phone to pay you.

How to generate a fixed amount QR

First, you must create a Pay Link. Next, generate the QR code by copying the link previously created and pasting it into a QR generator tool.

Be aware of your received payments

You can check your sales in the activity list in your Mercado Pago account or integrate notifications in your system.

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