Prerequisites - QR Code - Mercado Pago Developers

Previous requirements to integrate

Keep these aspects in mind before you start:

  • Access to an account
  • Create an application
  • Generate test users
  • Obtain your Access token
  • Identify your integration

1. Access to an account

To start integrating, you must have a Mercado Pago or Mercado Libre account.

You can sign in with an existing account or Create a new account.

2. Create an application

Creating a credential is necessary to make transactions using the Mercado Pago integration. This credential contains an ID and an Access Token required to make transactions using a Mercado Pago account.

You must create an application to obtain credentials and set up webhook notifications.

It's quite easy to do:

  1. Enter Your integrations.
  2. Select the + symbol in Your applications section to create a new application.
  3. Name the application to identify it later.
  4. Accept our Terms and Conditions. Done!
If your POS integrator has several tenants, see topic 4 and 5. Check your integration security and implement OAuth .

3. Generate test users

To start integrating, you need a minimum of two users: a buyer and a seller.

In order to create them, go to Create test users in our API Reference. There you will find all the necessary information.

  • You can generate up to 10 test accounts simultaneously. Therefore, we recommend saving each user's e-mail and password.
  • Test users expire after 60 days of no activity on Mercado Pago.
  • To perform test payments, we recommend using low amounts.
  • Both buyer and seller must be test users.
  • Use the test cards, as no cash withdrawals are possible.
  • Once you have test users, you can start to integrate and create Stores and POS.

    4. Obtain your Access Token (OAuth)

    If you are an integrator that works with several retailers enabling them to operate with Mercado Pago, we recommend to perform the OAuth - authentication between accounts process. The process enables customers securely share personal data with a third-party system.

    The Access Token is not shareable in any way other than through OAuth.

    5. Identify your integration (Sponsor ID)

    To identify the orders placed by your POS (Point Of Sale), include the Sponsor ID, and check the in-store orders APIs on how to send this information.

    Step by step:

  • Create an account on the Mercado Pago portal (Integrator ID).
  • Obtain the user identification (Cust ID or User ID) of your account.
  • Include the User ID of your integrator account in the seller's Sponsor ID.
  • Submit the Sponsor ID on all QR transactions. See API .