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Connect and configure Mercado Pago in a Wix store

Connecting and configuring Mercado Pago as a payment method in your Wix store can be done in two simple and quick steps. In the first one, you connect Mercado Pago as a payment method in your Wix store, and in the second one, you configure the connector with your production credentials.

Connect Mercado Pago

To connect with Mercado Pago as a provider in your Wix store, follow the steps below.

  1. In the settings panel of your Wix site, located on the left of the screen, go to Settings.
  2. Within the Settings screen, click the Accept Payments button.
  3. Look for the Mercado Pago option and click the Connect button.

Connect your production credentials

To finish configuring Mercado Pago as a means of payment, on the plugin configuration page, complete the fields with your production credentials and confirm the Connection.

Done! Your integration is set up and you are already offering Mercado Pago as a payment method in your store.

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