Prerequisites - Integrate via API your Point of Sale - Mercado Pago Developers
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To integrate Point of Sale (POS) devices via API, it is important to meet the following requirements.

Mercado Pago Point Smart or Point Pro 2 deviceTo offer in-person payments through Point, it is necessary to acquire the device. If you haven't done so yet, go to the store.
Mercado Pago AppAlong with the device, it is necessary to have the Mercado Pago app to sign in to the device and manage the payments. You can download it for Android devices or iOS devices .
ApplicationApplications are the different integrations contained in one or multiple stores. You can create an application for each solution you implement in order to keep everything organized and maintain control that facilitates management.
Additionally, by creating an application, you can obtain the necessary credentials to operate with Point.
CredentialsCredentials are unique keys that allow you to configure your integrations and use the API.
You will need production credentials to test your integration with the Point Simulator and to receive real payments.