Payment Methods API


id String Payment method identifier.
name String Name of the payment method.
payment_type_id String Types of payment methods.
ticket Printed ticket.
atm Payment by ATM.
credit_card Payment by credit card.
debit_card Payment by debit card.
prepaid_card Payment by prepaid card.
status String Payment methods status.
active Available for use.
deactive Decommissioned, we don't support it anymore.
temporally_deactive Unavailable for use, possible interruption of the service.
secure_thumbnail String Logo to display on secure sites.
thumbnail String Logo to show.
deferred_capture String Whether the capture can be delayed or not.
supported This payment method supports authorization and capture operations.
unsupported Deferred capture is not available for this payment method.
does_not_apply Cash payment methods don't allow deferred capture.
settings Object Payment method settings.
bin Object
pattern String Regular expression representing the accepted bins.
exclusion_pattern String Regular expression representing the excluded bins.
installments_pattern String Regular expression representing bins allowed to pay with more than one installment.
card_number Object
length String Card number length.
validation String Whether the card number can be validated using a checksum algorithm (usually Luhn)
standard The card number should validate Luhn's algorithm.
none There is no algorithm to validate the checksum.
security_code Object
mode String Whether the security code is mandatory or not.
mandatory The security code should be given to process the payment.
optional A payment could be issued without the security code.
length Number Security code length.
card_location String Whether the security code is located in the back or in the front of the card.
back The security code is located in the back of the card.
front The security code is located in the front of the card.
additional_info_needed List(String) List of additional information that must be supplied by the payer.
cardholder_identification_number Identification number of the card owner.
cardholder_identification_type Identification type of the card owner.
cardholder_name Name as seen in the card of the card owner.
issuer_id Id of the card issuing entity.
min_allowed_amount Number Minimum amount that can be processed with this payment method.
max_allowed_amount Number Maximum amount that can be processed with this payment method.
accreditation_time Number How many time in minutes could happen until processing of the payment.
financial_institutions Object Finantial institution processing this payment method.
id Integer External financial institution identifier (e.g.: company id for atm)
description String Descriptive finantial institution name.

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