Customers API


id String Customer ID.
email String Customer's email.
first_name String (a-zA-Z) Customer's name.
last_name String (a-zA-Z) Customer's last name.
phone Object Customer phone's information.
area_code String Phone's area code.
number String Phone's number.
identification Object Customer identification's information.
type String Identification's type.
number String Identification's number.
default_address String Customer's default address.
address Object Default address's information.
id String Address ID.
zip_code String Zip code.
street_name String Street name.
street_number String Street number.
date_registered Date(ISO_8601) Customer's registration date.
description String Customer's description.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Customer's date created.
date_last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Last modified date.
metadata Object Customer's metadata.
default_card String Customer's default card.
cards Object Customer's cards.
id String Card ID.
customer_id String Customer ID.
expiration_month Integer Card's expiration month.
expiration_year Integer Card's expiration year.
first_six_digits String Card's first six digits.
last_four_digits String Card's last four digits.
payment_method Object Payment method information.
id String Payment method ID.
name String Payment method name.
payment_type_id String Payment method type.
thumbnail String Payment method thumbnail.
secure_thumbnail String Payment method secure thumbnail.
security_code Object Security code information.
length Integer Security code's length.
card_location String Security code's card location.
issuer Object Issuer information.
id Integer Issuer Id.
name String Issuer name.
cardholder Object Card holder information.
name Integer Card holder name.
identification Integer Identification information.
number Integer Identification number.
subtype String Identification subtype.
type String Identification type.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Card's date created.
date_last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Card's last modified date.
addresses Object List Customer's addresses.
id String Address ID.
phone String Phone number.
name String Address name.
floor String Floor.
apartment String Apartment.
street_name String Street name.
street_number Number Street number.
zip_code String Postal code of an Address.
city Object City information.
id String City ID.
name String City name.
state Object State information.
id String State ID.
name String State name.
country Object Country information.
id String Country ID.
name String Country name.
neighborhood Object Neighborhood information.
id String Neighborhood ID.
name String Neighborhood name.
municipality Object Municipality information.
id String Municipality ID.
name String Municipality name.
comments String Additional information.
date_created String Address date created.
live_mode Boolean Whether the customers will be in sandbox or in production mode.

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