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Change button texts


The payment button offers two reading levels: the call to action (button) and the value proposition. In both cases, the text can be customized according to the options provided by Mercado Pago. By default, the payment button renders as in the following image.


To change the default texts, modify the customization property during rendering.

Customization momentWhen rendering.
ObservationsWhen sending an empty text, the screen will present the text defined by the default layout. On the other hand, when sending alternative text, it will replace the default text. To check which alternative texts are available, see the table below.

Check below the texts available for alteration and a code example.

KeyAvailable optionsDefault
actionpay, buypay
valueProppracticality, convenience, security_details, security_safetysecurity_safety

Check out the texts related to each option:

actionpayPay with Mercado Pago.
actionbuyBuy with Mercado Pago.
valueProppracticalityUse saved cards or your account balance.
valuePropconvenienceInstallment with or without card.
valuePropsecurity_detailsProtection for your data.
valuePropsecurity_safetyPay securely.

Example of customizing button texts:

const settings = {
 customization: {
      texts: {
          action: 'buy',
          valueProp: 'security_details',

const customization = {
 texts: {
   action: 'buy',
   valueProp: 'security_details',


Such customization examples will generate the following result: