How much it costs to receive payments


For sales completed through the receipt and automatic debit tool:

  • A 4,99% fee on each approved payment shall be charged.

For your sales on Mercado Livre:

  • The cost shall be stated in the Mercado Livre fee table.
  • If you receive an additional payment for the sale, a 4,99% fee on such amount shall be charged.

For sales made using the QR Code:

  • Until March of 2019 there will be no fees!
  • You will instantly receive the amount of your sales made with QR Code in your Mercado Pago Account.



To receive money from friends and family members:

With money in the Mercado Pago account, no matter the account type (seller or personal):

  • There is no cost and it is instantly approved.

With other payment methods to a personal account:

  • You can receive up to BRL 270 per transaction and BRL 1.900 per month without having to pay any fee.

With debit and credit cards to a seller account:

  • You will have a fee of 4,99% of the amount you receive.

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