Privacy and confidentiality of Mercado Pago

1. Privacy and confidentiality policies of Mercado Pago

Please carefully read these privacy and confidentiality Policies before you registering or even using Mercado Pago.

These privacy and confidentiality policies of Mercado Pago (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policies”) apply to all registered users and are part of the Mercado Pago General terms and conditions of use available at (hereinafter referred to as “Mercado Pago”).

These Privacy Policies has clear and complete information on collection, use, storage, treatment and protection of the personal data of users and visitors of Mercado Pago, for the purpose of showing absolute transparency regarding this important matter.

Mercado Pago takes all precautions to protect every information, using the most complete and effective security mechanisms in information technology.

In view of the nature of the services provided, Mercado Pago collects and, in some cases, discloses information of its users and visitors relating to the registration data and access records to its websites, to third parties including, but not limited to, companies of its economic group, business partners, authorities and individuals or legal entities that claim that they were damaged by registered users.

By registering to and/or browsing the Mercado Pago, the user and/or the visitor expressly acknowledges and agrees that we shall use their personal, credit and financial information in accordance with the policies described below.

Personal data collection and storage

The first step to use the Mercado Pago services is to register and inform complete and accurate personal data (“Personal Information”). The following data (and maybe other information) may be requested, received and stored: first name and surname, Individuals Tax ID (CPF) number, Corporate Tax ID (CNPJ) number and contact information (such as telephone number, e-mail, address, etc.). Mercado Pago may confirm the informed personal data by consulting public entities, specialized companies or databases, and is hereby expressly authorized to do so.

Mercado Pago automatically collects and stores some information on the activity of the registered users and visitors of its website. Such information may include the URL of their origin (whether it is of Mercado Pago itself or not), the URL accessed right afterwards (whether it is of Mercado Pago or not), the browser used and their access IPs, the pages viewed, physical or electronic addresses, among other types of information that may be stored and withheld.

By registering to and/or browsing Mercado Pago, the user and/or the visitor expressly acknowledges and agrees that we shall use their personal credit and financial information.

All users’ personal data are stored in an automatized personal data file located in the USA. By registering to Mercado Pago, the user acknowledges that he is informed about the location of said file and authorizes such international transfer of the user’s data.

The user registered with Mercado Pago may request cancellation of the user’s account at any time, except for the events of maintenance provided by law, by clicking on Help.

Information security

Mercado Pago is required to comply with all applicable rules concerning Personal Information security measures. In addition, Mercado Pago uses the latest standards in the industry concerning personal information protection, including, among other measures, firewalls and Secure Socket Layers (“SSL”). Mercado Pago consider the data of its users as a valuable asset that shall be protected against any loss or unauthorized access. Therefore, Mercado Pago uses a variety of security techniques to protect such data against unauthorized accesses. However, it should be considered that there is no absolute security on the internet.

Mercado Pago shall not be liable for illegal interceptions or violation of its systems or databases by unauthorized persons, and shall not be held liable for any improper use of the information obtained by such means. 

2. Use that we make of the information

In order to provide an excellent service and enable the users to carry out transactions in a fast and secure way, Mercado Pago requires certain information of a personal nature, including the e-mail address. The collection of said information enable us to provide the users with services and functionalities that may better fit their needs and to customize our services in order to make their experiences with Mercado Pago as satisfactory as possible. The Personal Information that we request has the following purposes:

  • Develop internal studies about the interests, behaviors and demography of the users in order to enable us to better understand their needs and interests and provide better services or adequate information in accordance with their profiles.

  • Improve our commercial and promotional initiatives and analyzed the pages viewed, the searches performed by the users, in order to improve our offering of contents and products, customize contents, their presentation and services.

Send messages to our users about new services, advertising, promotions, banners, news of Mercado Pago, in addition to the information expressly authorized in the email preferences section. The user may request to be excluded from the lists for delivery of general notices, promotional or advertising messages. In order to do that, the user just has to access My account > My Account Data > e-mail Preferences.

The winners of the promotions and/or contests made by Mercado Pago expressly authorize the disclosure of their names, personal data and images by any means and manners that we deem to be convenient for advertising and/or promotion purposes, without any right to compensation.

  • Share the Personal Information (including e-mail address) with the services providers in order to improve or facilitate the transactions carried out with Mercado Pago, including but not limited to services of: transportation, means of payment, intermediaries in payments management, insurance, call center, loyalty programs, among other things.

  • Provide Personal Information of the users to the entities that interfere with the resolution of disputes, including: insurers, arbitration courts and any other competent bodies to resolve any such disputes.

Mercado Pago shall endeavor its best efforts to reach compliance with high security and privacy standards of the personal data of its users, by entering into agreements or conventions which shall establish the liability of said services providers for any misuse of the record data and personal information of the users.

In some cases, said services providers will collect information directly from the user, who may be notified of the participation of a given services provider in such activities, in which case the user shall have the criterion to decide which information shall be supplied, as well as to authorize any additional uses intended by the service providers. Mercado Pago shall not be liable for any misuse of the Personal Information and record data of the users by said companies.

3. Information confidentiality

Once registered on the website, Mercado Pago shall not sell, lease or share any Personal Information or record data of its users, except as established in these Privacy Policies. Everything possible shall be done to protect the privacy of the Personal Information and record data.

The following information shall not be deemed Personal Information or record data, and therefore shall not be subject to confidentiality (a) information that was already in public domain when received, or that enter public domain without violation of the obligations undertaken herein; (b) information that may be disclosed to the parties on a non-confidential basis from third parties, obtained and disclosed in a completely independent manner, without violating any of the obligations undertaken herein and of a non-confidential nature; or (c) information disclosed as required by law, regulations or administrative, judicial or arbitral decision.

4. Personal password 

In order to access the services exclusively reserved to the duly registered users, they shall have a personal password. It shall allow the users to access the website of Mercado Pago and its functionalities. Such password, which is chosen by the own user, shall be kept strictly confidential and not be disclosed to or shared with any other persons in any event whatsoever.

The user shall be liable for all acts performed with the use of the user’s name and personal password, including payments, sending of funds to other users, payment of fees, withdrawals, cell phones recharges, as well as for any losses that may be caused by other users or third parties for any reason whatsoever. If the user suspects that anyone may be aware of the user’s personal password for any reason whatsoever, the user shall change it by accessing, by means of the website browsing menu, My account > My account data > Passwords.

6. Use of information by other users

In order to facilitate the interaction among all members of the community of Mercado Pago, the access to certain contact data of the users is permitted, so that they may be reached by their counterparty in a given transaction, including but not limited to email address, nickname, name or corporate name, telephone numbers, full address, among others.

The users may use the Personal Information of other users obtained on the website for:

  • Communications relating to Mercado Pago, other than non-requested commercial communications.

  • Using the services provided in Mercado Pago.

  • Any other purpose expressly authorized by the concerned User, once the User has previously communicated on such information, as established by law.

Under no circumstances should the Personal Information or e-mail address of another user be disclosed to any third party without the consent of Mercado Pago and of the affected user .

Mercado Pago shall not be liable for any use of such information by the user accessed in connection with the service use.

7. Cookies

The user and the visitor of the website of Mercado Pago acknowledge and agree that a browsing data collection system may be used by means of cookies. The cookies are small files that get installed in the hard disk, with a limited time duration, which help with the customization of the services. Some functionalities are also offered that shall be only available by the use of the cookies. The cookies are used for the purpose of getting to know the interests, behavior and demography of those vising or using the website and, as a result, better understanding their needs and interests and providing a better service or related information to them. The information obtained by means of cookies shall be also used to analyze the pages browsed by the visitor or user, the searches made, to improve the commercial and promotional initiatives, display advertising or promotions, banners of interest, news of Mercado Pago, improve the offering of contents and goods, customize said contents, presentation and services; cookies may be also used to promote and cause compliance with the website rules and security. Mercado Pago may add cookies to the emails sent by it in order to measure the effectiveness of the promotions.

Cookies are additionally used to spare the user from entering their password as frequently during a browsing session, as well as to record and support the user’s registrations and activity relating to other commercial agreements, always aiming at the user’s benefit with the installation of the cookies. Mercado Pago shall not use the cookies for any purposes not related to its operation.

The installation, maintenance and existence of the cookies in the user’s computer shall depend on the user's exclusive will and may be eliminated from the computer at the user’s discretion. In order to learn how to remove the cookies from the system, it is necessary to review the section Contact of the browser.

Additionally, cookies or other similar systems installed by third parties may be found on other pages of the website of Mercado Pago. For example, when browsing a page created by a user, there may be cookie built-in there.

It is hereby clarified that these policies cover the use of cookies by this website, but not the use of cookies by advertisers. Mercado Pago does not have control over the use of cookies by third parties.

8. Web Beacon

A web beacon is an electronic image, also named single-pixel (1 x 1) or transparent pixel, which is placed as a code on an internet page. A web beacon has similar purposes as those of the cookies. Additionally, a web beacon is used to measure traffic standards of the users from a given page to another, for the purpose of maximizing the traffic flow through the internet. The user and the visitor of the website of Mercado Pago acknowledge and agree that Mercado Pago may use a data collection system by means of web beacons.

9. Order of applicable authorities – Legal requirements 

Mercado Pago cooperates with the applicable authorities and third parties to ensure compliance with the law, protect the integrity and security of the website and its users, and prevent illegal activities, including but not limited to money laundering, terrorism and its financing, and frauds.

Mercado Pago may disclose the Personal Information, record data, access registrations, browsing data, etc., as provided for by the Brazilian law.

In addition, Mercado Pago reserves the right to communicate information on its users to other users, entities or third parties, whenever there are sufficient reasons to consider that the activity of a given users is potentially unlawful or detrimental to other persons. Said right shall be used by Mercado Pago as provided for by the Brazilian law, when deemed appropriate or necessary in order to maintain the integrity and security of the website and its users, and to cause compliance with the General terms and conditions and other Policies of the website.

10. Change of preferences in the emails

Without prejudice to Mercado Pago’s efforts to maintain its users updated at all times on promotions, news, changes, etc., the users may select the promotional emails and information that they wish to receive from Mercado Pago.

If the user does not want to receive emails, the user may change their preferences following the instructions contained in the messages themselves or accessing their account in the section My account > My Account Data > Email Preferences. In this section the User may select the email preferences to be considered in the future communications.

11. Rights of record data cancellation and rectification 

By registering, the user acknowledges that they are aware of and may exercise their rights to cancel their record and access and update their personal data. The user warrants and takes liability for the truth, accuracy, effectiveness and authenticity of the personal data, and undertakes to keep them properly updated.

After signing in to Mercado Pago, the user may review and update the following information provided during the registration process: the principal and secondary email addresses and the personal password.

  • User name and nickname.

  • Principal and secondary email addresses.

  • Record and contact information, such as telephone number and physical address.

  • Personal password.

Without prejudice to any changes made by the user, Mercado Pago shall conserve the original personal data for reasons of security and control of frauds.

On special cases, in compliance with the Brazilian law, the personal data of users who expressly requested to be removed shall be kept in the files of Mercado Pago, for the purpose of use thereof in the resolution of lawsuits or complaints, detection of problems or incidents, and for compliance with the provisions of the general terms and conditions of use.

The users shall update their personal data from time to time. In order to change any information supplied when signing in, the user shall access the item My account > My Account Data > Account Information and choose the information to be modified.

Do you have any problem? Contact us

Mercado Pago may change these Privacy Policies at any time. The new Privacy Policies shall come into effect ten (10) days as from their publication on the website. Within five (5) days as from publication of the new version, the user shall communicate by email that the user does not agree with the amended terms. In such event, the contractual relationship shall be terminated, as long as there are no outstanding accounts or debts. If no communication is made within the established term, the user shall be deemed to have accepted the new Privacy Policies.

The changes shall not be effective in relation to any transactions started before their publication, in which case the previous wording shall remain in force.



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