Purchase Warranty Program

1. General

The Purchase Warranty Program aims to provide coverage to all purchasers who purchase at Mercado Livre through Mercado Pago, meet all of the requirements detailed throughout these conditions and who do not receive the product or receive a different product of the advertised or with some defect. It is not available for negotiations for purchases of Cars, Motorcycles, and Others, as well as for the purchase, sale, and/or rental of Real Estate or Services. Mercado Pago does not provide insurance, and this document shall not be construed as an insurance contract.

2. Requirements for participation in the program

The complaint must be submitted within seven (7) days from the date of delivery of the product, if it is different than expected, or twenty-one (21) days from the date of purchase, if the buyer does not receive it.

With respect to the buyer:

  • The buyer must be active at the time the complaint is submitted and until the end of the review process and of the respective payment.

  • The buyer must be the purchaser of the advertised product.

  • The buyer must not commence legal or administrative action against Mercado Livre or Mercado Pago or fail to acknowledge the payment if the latter is made with a credit card (chargeback), whether before, during, or after having submitted the complaint or rated the purchase. Otherwise, the buyer shall waive such action so that Mercado Pago may continue the coverage process.

With respect to the product:

  • The product must have been purchased at Mercado Livre and paid with Mercado Pago.

  • The product must not be prohibited by law and/or by the General Terms and conditions, the Exhibits thereto, and/or the other policies of Mercado Livre or Mercado Pago.

  • The product must not be a good within the Services, Cars, Motorcycles, and Others and/or Real Estate categories.

If, after the complaint is submitted, the parties do not reach an agreement, or the seller does not reply to the complaint, the buyer must ask Mercado Pago to help resolve the issue by clicking on the “ask for help” button on the complaint screen.

3. Resolution of the complaint

Mercado Pago shall review the complaint, and may request additional information and/or evidence from the buyer and/or seller, and shall resolve it in favor of either party. Upon the settlement of the claim, the purchase price shall be reimbursed to the buyer if the Purchase Warranty program requirements are met, excluding other expenses, such as collaterals and insurance.

If the complaint involves a defective product or a product different from the one advertised, coverage shall be provided when the buyer demonstrates the return of the defective or different product to the seller. The product shall be returned to the address of the seller registered on Mercado Livre or to the address of the sender indicated on the shipment in the same conditions as it was received (i.e. product qualities, accessories, packaging, etc.). In addition, the seller must accept the returned product and the due cancelation of the sale.

By mere liberality, Mercado Pago shall return the money to the buyer by (i) crediting the buyer’s Mercado Pago account or (ii) cancelling the payment made by credit card. A buyer covered by the Purchase Warranty program undertakes not to file claims for the purchased product in question, whether in or out of court.

4. Coverage

The Purchase Warranty program shall not cover:

  • Products damaged, repaired, or modified by the buyer.

  • Products that meet the seller’s description but which the buyer regrets having purchased.

  • Products retrieved or delivered in person.

  • Products not purchased through Mercado Livre.

  • Products paid through a Money Remittance or Transfer carried out through Mercado Pago.

  • Cases in which the mail or carrier loses the product, unless the shipment is carried out through Mercado Envios.

  • Any other transaction that Mercado Pago deems fraudulent or in breach of the Terms and conditions of Mercado Pago and/or Mercado Livre.

5. Mercado Pago does not provide insurance

Mercado Pago is not an insurance company and does not offer any type of insurance. It merely allows buyers that meet certain conditions and requirements to be reimbursed for specific costs.

6. Costs

The Program and the coverage provided by Mercado Pago are completely free of charge, regardless of the decision made by Mercado Pago.

7. Prohibitions

Buyers may not: submit complaints in the name or on behalf and/or using the account of a third party; submit complaints based on false and/or fraudulent facts or situations; engage, at the discretion of Mercado Pago, in malicious or fraudulent conducts or acts to obtain coverage of the program; or act in connivance with others to obtain program coverage. Such conducts shall be analyzed by Mercado Pago, and wrongdoers, in addition to being denied coverage, may also be sanctioned with suspension or cancelation of their account on the Mercado Pago and Mercado Livre websites.

8. Modifications

Mercado Pago may modify the Terms and conditions and/or requirements and other conditions of the Purchase Warranty Program at any time by notifying such modifications on the website. Mercado Pago reserves, in turn, the right to discontinue, terminate, cancel, or temporarily or permanently suspend coverage without the right to any complaints.

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