BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/invoices/{id}

Request Params

id String Invoice identifier
subscription_id String Subscription to which the invoice belongs
plan_id String Plano to which the subscription belongs
payer Object Identifies the buyer
id Integer Identification of the associated ferreira
type String Identification type of the associated ferreira
customer Payer is a Customer and belongs to the collector
registered The account corresponds to a MercadoPago registered user
email String Customer's e-mail
identification Object Personal identification
type String Type Identification
number String Identification number
application_fee Float Fee collected by a marketplace or Application MercadoPago
status String Charging status of this individual invoice
pending This invoice is scheduled to be charged in the near future
dunning Previous charging attempts failed, MercadoPago is retrying the charge to get an approval.
paid This invoice was successfully charged
unpaid After all charging attempts, we were unable to get an approval. No more retries will be done on this individual invoice.
cancelled This invoice was cancelled prior to get it paid
description String Subscription plano reason or service title
external_reference String ID given by the merchant in their system
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Invoice creation date
last_modified Date(ISO_8601) Last modified date
live_mode Boolean Whether the invoice will be processed in sandbox or in production mode
metadata Object Valid JSON that can be attached to the subscription to record additional attributes of the merchant
payments List(Object) All payment attempts done to get this paid invoice
attempt_date Date(ISO_8601) Date of payment attempt
id Integer Payment identifier
status String Payment status
status_detail String Gives more detailed information on the payment status or rejection cause
debit_date Date(ISO_8601) Date on which this invoice should be originally charged
next_payment_date Date(ISO_8601) Date of next payment attempt to get this paid invoice

Error Codes

5003 Invoice not found
4000 Must provide your access_token to proceed
4004 Must provide your access_token to proceed

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