BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/payments

HTTP Request


 curl -X POST \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/payments?access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN_ENV' \
  -d '{
	"description":"Point Mini a maquininha que dá o dinheiro de suas vendas na hora",

			"title":"Point Mini",
		"street_name":"Av das Nacoes Unidas",
	"street_name":"Av das Nacoes Unidas",

Request Params

payer Object Identifies the buyer.
entity_type String Entity type of the payer (only for bank transfers).
individual Payer is individual.
association Payer is an association.
type String Identification type of the associated payer (mandatory if the Payer is a Customer).
customer Payer is a Customer and belongs to the collector.
registered The account corresponds to a Mercado Pago registered user.
guest The payer doesn't have an account.
id String Identification of the associated payer.
email String Email. (Required)
identification Object Personal identification.
type String Identification type.
number String Identification number.
phone Object Phone of the associated payer.
area_code String Phone area code.
number String Phone number.
extension String Phone number's extension.
first_name String First name of the associated payer.
last_name String Last name of the associated payer.
binary_mode Boolean When set to true, the payment can only be approved or rejected. Otherwise in_process status is added.
order Object Order identifier.
type String Type of order.
mercadolibre The order is from Mercado Libre.
mercadopago It is a Mercado Pago merchant_order.
id Long Id of the associated purchase order.
external_reference String ID given by the merchant in their system.
description String Payment reason or item title.
metadata Object Valid JSON that can be attached to the payment to record additional attributes of the merchant.
transaction_amount Float Product cost. (Required)
coupon_amount Float Amount of the coupon discount.
date_of_expiration Date(ISO_8601) Payment’s expiration date.
campaign_id Integer Discount campaign ID.
coupon_code String Discount campaign with a specific code.
differential_pricing_id Integer Id of the scheme for the absorption of financing fee.
application_fee Float Fee collected by a marketplace or Mercado Pago Application.
capture Boolean Determines if the payment should be captured (true, default value) or just reserved (false).
payment_method_id String Payment method chosen to do the payment. (Required)
issuer_id String Payment method issuer.
token String Card token ID. (Required for credit card)
statement_descriptor String How will look the payment in the card bill (e.g.: MERCADOPAGO).
installments Integer Selected quantity of installments. (Required)
notification_url String URL where Mercado Pago will send notifications associated to changes in this payment
callback_url String URL where mercadopago does the final redirect (only for bank transfers).
additional_info Object Data that could improve fraud analysis and conversion rates. Try to send as much information as possible.
ip_address String IP from where the request comes from (only for bank transfers).
items Array(Object) List of items to be paid.
id String Item code.
title String Item name.
description String Long item description.
picture_url String Image URL.
category_id String Category of the item.
quantity Integer Item's quantity.
unit_price Float Unit price.
payer Object Buyer's information.
first_name String Buyer's name.
last_name String Buyer's last name.
phone Object Buyer's phone.
area_code String Area code.
number String Phone number.
address Object Address.
zip_code String Zip code.
street_name String Street name.
street_number Integer Number.
registration_date Date Date of registration of the buyer on your site.
shipments Object Shipping information.
receiver_address Object Buyer's address.
zip_code String Zip code.
state_name String State.
city_name String City Name.
street_name String Street name.
street_number Integer Number
floor String Floor.
apartment String Department.
barcode Object Barcode information.
type String Encoding type.
UCC/EAN 128 Encodes data using the Code 128 symbology.
Code128C High-density alphanumeric code.
Code39 Media density code.
content String Barcode generated.
width Integer Width of barcode.
height Integer Height of barcode.

HTTP Response


    "id": 20359978,
    "date_created": "2019-07-10T10:47:58.000-04:00",
    "date_approved": "2019-07-10T10:47:58.000-04:00",
    "date_last_updated": "2019-07-10T10:47:58.000-04:00",
    "date_of_expiration": null,
    "money_release_date": "2019-07-24T10:47:58.000-04:00",
    "operation_type": "regular_payment",
    "issuer_id": "25",
    "payment_method_id": "visa",
    "payment_type_id": "credit_card",
    "status": "approved",
    "status_detail": "accredited",
    "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
    "description": "Point Mini a maquininha que dá o dinheiro de suas vendas na hora",
    "live_mode": false,
    "sponsor_id": null,
    "authorization_code": null,
    "money_release_schema": null,
    "taxes_amount": 0,
    "counter_currency": null,
    "shipping_amount": 0,
    "pos_id": null,
    "store_id": null,
    "collector_id": 448876418,
    "payer": {
        "first_name": "Test",
        "last_name": "Test",
        "email": "test_user_80507629@testuser.com",
        "identification": {
            "number": "32659430",
            "type": "DNI"
        "phone": {
            "area_code": "01",
            "number": "1111-1111",
            "extension": ""
        "type": "registered",
        "entity_type": null,
        "id": "448870796"
    "metadata": {},
    "additional_info": {
        "items": [
                "id": "PR0001",
                "title": "Point Mini",
                "description": null,
                "picture_url": "https://http2.mlstatic.com/resources/frontend/statics/growth-sellers-landings/device-mlb-point-i_medium@2x.png",
                "category_id": null,
                "quantity": "1",
                "unit_price": "58.8"
        "payer": {
            "phone": {
                "area_code": "11",
                "number": "987654321"
            "address": {
                "zip_code": "06233-200",
                "street_name": "Av das Nacoes Unidas",
                "street_number": "3003"
            "first_name": "Nome",
            "last_name": "Sobrenome",
            "registration_date": "2019-01-01T12:01:01.000-03:00"
        "shipments": {
            "receiver_address": {
                "zip_code": "06233200",
                "street_name": "Av das Nacoes Unidas",
                "street_number": "3003"
    "order": {},
    "external_reference": "MP0001",
    "transaction_amount": 58.8,
    "transaction_amount_refunded": 0,
    "coupon_amount": 0,
    "differential_pricing_id": null,
    "deduction_schema": null,
    "transaction_details": {
        "payment_method_reference_id": null,
        "net_received_amount": 56.16,
        "total_paid_amount": 58.8,
        "overpaid_amount": 0,
        "external_resource_url": null,
        "installment_amount": 58.8,
        "financial_institution": null,
        "payable_deferral_period": null,
        "acquirer_reference": null
    "fee_details": [
            "type": "mercadopago_fee",
            "amount": 2.64,
            "fee_payer": "collector"
    "captured": true,
    "binary_mode": false,
    "call_for_authorize_id": null,
    "statement_descriptor": "MERCADOPAGO",
    "installments": 1,
    "card": {
        "id": null,
        "first_six_digits": "423564",
        "last_four_digits": "5682",
        "expiration_month": 6,
        "expiration_year": 2023,
        "date_created": "2019-07-10T10:47:58.000-04:00",
        "date_last_updated": "2019-07-10T10:47:58.000-04:00",
        "cardholder": {
            "name": "APRO",
            "identification": {
                "number": "19119119100",
                "type": "CPF"
    "notification_url": "https://www.suaurl.com/notificacoes/",
    "refunds": [],
    "processing_mode": "aggregator",
    "merchant_account_id": null,
    "acquirer": null,
    "merchant_number": null,
    "acquirer_reconciliation": []

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