BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/chargebacks/{id}

Request Params

id String Chargeback identifier
payments Array(Integer) List of payments ids associated to the case
currency String Amount's currency
amount Float Chargeback's amount
coverage_applied Boolean Whether the seller has been covered or not
coverage_elegible Boolean Whether the chargeback complies with the conditions to be covered
documentation_required Boolean Whether the seller needs to send documentation for this chargeback
documentation_status String Detail of decision taken for the documentation
pending No documentation has been received
review_pending Documentation received, waiting for decision to be taken
valid The documentation received is valid
invalid The documentation received is invalid
not_supplied The documentation wasn't supplied on time
not_applicable Documentation wasn't needed for this chargeback
documentation Array(Object) List of documentation received from the seller
type String Documentation's file type
url String Url to see the documentation file
description String Documentation's description
date_documentation_deadline Date(ISO_8601) Chargeback's last day to send documentation
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Chargeback’s creation date
date_last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Chargeback's last modified date
live_mode Boolean Whether the chargeback will be processed in sandbox or in production mode

Error Codes


La búsqueda no arrojó ningún resultado.

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