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How to share my payment link?

After creating your payment link from your Mercado Pago account, it's time to share it with your customers.

Receive payments via social networks

Define the method that best suits your business:

Method Description
WhatsApp Choose from your contact list and send the payment link by private message.
Facebook or Twitter Create a new post on your favorite social network and share it with all your followers.
E-mail Use your personal email address to send the payment link to anyone you want.
More options (from your cell phone browser) If you created your link on your phone, it can be shared through all of your installed apps.

Receber pagamentos por redes sociais


Your payment links appear with a photo! Remember to add it in the creation to give security to your buyers and better identify your product or service.

Receive payments through my website

If you have a website, you can add a button to receive payments. Simply copy the automatically generated HTML code and paste the source code of your page.


If you’d like, you can change the button styles, taking care that the code generated by Mercado Pago is not modified.

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