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Receiving payments with Point without integration

From the Mercado Pago application, you have the option to charge in your physical stores through the Point device. You don't need to know about programming.

We will guide you so that you can charge:

  • Log-in the Mercado Pago application, go to the Charge with Point section, and connect your Point device.
  • Enter the amount and a description of what you are selling. The description will allow you to identify the sale in your backend.
  • Swipe the payer's credit or debit card through the Point device.
  • Enter the CVV of the card, the identification of the payer and have it signed.
  • Ready! Already charged, now you can send the proof of the operation by email or sms.

Product Catalog in Point

An alternative so that you can receive face-to-face payments without the need of programming, is that you load in the section Charge with Point your catalog of products.

In this way when it is time to charge, the seller must only select the products and the amount of them and automatically calculate the total sale.

For each product you can insert an image, the price and name of it.

Find out about your payments

You can check your sales in the list of activities of the Mercado Pago account, or integrate notifications into your management system.

If you want to build something more advanced and personalized, read our Integrated Point documentation

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