Products that infringe intellectual property rights

Mercado Pago respects and helps to protect the intellectual property rights of third parties, as it prohibits the use of the Payment Management Service provided by Mercado Pago in sales of products and/or services that violate the laws on copyright, patents, trademarks, industrial models and designs, or trade secrets. Mercado Pago does not allow its tools to be used to purchase rewritten CDs, illegal compact discs or copies of CDs, or movies in VCD format, DIVX, or any other non-commercial format, unless the advertiser is the copyright owner. Likewise, the use of the Mercado Pago management system to sell CDs containing music in MP3 format when not expressly authorized by the artist or record company that owns the respective rights, or when violating any law, is not permitted.

Unauthorized copies

The use of the Mercado Pago services for the sale of unauthorized copies of software, video games, CDs, movies, television shows, or photographs (such as pirated copies, duplicates, security, support, or backup copies, etc.) is forbidden.


  • Pirated copies of video games.

  • Copies of recorded television shows in any format.

  • Security copies or copies of software files.

  • Copies of pirated music.

  • Pirate or unauthorized recordings of film projections, events, and performances.

  • Movies in VCD or DIVX formats or any other commercial format.

  • CD-R/DVD-R or any other recordable media, unless the same are not recorded.

  • Promotional CDs.

Products available for download on the internet

The use of the Mercado Pago services for the sale of products that can be downloaded from the Internet, as well as keys or passwords to websites or documents hosted on the internet, is forbidden.


  • A copy of a software program that can be downloaded from your website.

  • Music or video files that can be streamed in a community or person-to-person file sharing network.

  • A downloadable electronic book copy.

  • An electronic address from which the interested party can download freeware or shareware programs.


Sellers may use Mercado Pago to sell such products whenever they own the copyright and explicitly include such information in the advertisement.

Replicas and forgeries

The use of the Mercado Pago services for sales of counterfeits, unauthorized replicas, or any other unauthorized product (such as watches, handbags, glasses, clothing, or any other counterfeit accessories) is forbidden.

Academic software

The use of the Mercado Pago services for sales of software sold under special pricing and licensing conditions to university students, school students, or educational institutions is forbidden; such items cannot be sold using the Mercado Pago payment management services.

Use of third-party trademarks and images

The use of the Mercado Pago services for the sale of products and/or services that use unauthorized trademarks or images of corporations or individuals in the description of the products advertised is forbidden. Violation of this rule shall result in edition or cancelation of the advertisement.


Mercado Pago may take any measures it deems appropriate on account of violations of the Policies mentioned herein or of applicable law. Repeated violation of such policies may result in blocking or permanent disabling of the user account.


Users of Mercado Pago are liable for the legality and lawfulness of the products and/or services sold by them and for compliance with applicable law. Such liability is exclusive and non-transferrable and shall not be attributed to Mercado Pago.

If you have any doubt on the authenticity or lawfulness of a product, do not use the services offered by Mercado Pago.

If you believe a user is incurring in violation of the policies of Mercado Pago, please report it here.

These Terms and Conditions have been filed with the Registry of Deeds and Documents and Civil Registry of Legal Entities of Barueri, SP, on September 29, 2011, under No. 614952.


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